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Rob Acton first started his building career in between surfs in 1976. Thirty years later he decided to hang up his nail bag and study what he knew best, taking all the skills and knowledge of a licensed builder and carpenter, and turning his hand to design and architectural drafting.

Rob knows the value of a well drawn, practical set of plans that are easily read and understood by client and builder alike, something that he wished he had seen more of in his time as a builder.

He was often frustrated by the complications and additional costs to the building process simply because the architect/designer didn’t have the hands on experience required to simplify the detail. He was also aware that often, plans were lacking the necessary level of detail which made it easy to build and physically work from.

This is why Rob Acton and his design and drafting service is becoming such a popular choice with both builders and owner builders. Barefoot’s simple, practical construction solutions not only save the client money, but the builder saves time and questions.

Barefoot Building Design believes a good design starts with communication.
A Barefoot Building design encourages you to make the most of your climate, environment and surroundings. We love the sun and like to utilize and maximize its energy in your design. This not only saves you money by creating great solar solutions but also makes your living space so much more comfortable.
Your home is all about your lifestyle. A place that entices you to sit and relax in the warm winter sun or find that cool, shady spot out of the heat of summer. It’s not rocket science, it’s just simple design.
Bring us your ideas, your own plans or just a site plan and we will turn it into a place you’ll love to live in. Contact Rob Acton